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Friday, January 1, 2010

Why agriculture is being denied the actual important it has to get agriculture a profitable business. Yes or No?

Why agriculture is being denied the actual important it has to get agriculture a profitable business. Yes or No?

Globalization is one of new trend. It is a complex phenomenon. “ it is a process of integration of global economy”. It involve creation of network and activities transcending economic, social and geographical boundaries. Globalization attempt to establish link in such a way that the happening in India can be influenced by events happening miles away. It create a boardless world.

Globalization have influence in all branches. We can see the influences of globalization on agriculture having both its negative and positive aspects. With the development and exchange of technology it became more helpful in agriculture field. The new technology and knowledge helps people to introduce high breed seeds and fertilizer. Along with this introduction of new machines, also helps us in agriculture field. With introduction of new machines the agriculture work became easy. We can introduce high breed seeds and plants through tissue culture. It posed increase in production, because of this profit from agriculture field half increased.

Production across the frontier of state and continent also helps us to make profit. Now the production in agriculture field is standardized. At the same time through the phenomenon of globalization there are many negative impact in agriculture filed. Because of the development and introduction of machines there is unemployment also increasing. It caused many problems the decline of agriculture badly affect the aggregarian countries like India. With the introduction of new fertilizers it destroyed the fertility of soil. And country faces many great losses from this field. It also causes the increasing prices of food crops through the promotion of the commercial crops. With the removal of Government restrictions through liberalization it became more helpful to developed countries to earn more profit. The agreement like GATT became a trap to the countries like India, other developing and under developed countries. The highly subsidized agricultural products of USA, European countries and Australia will destroy Indian agriculture and affect the livelihood of million. Now agriculture became expansible than profit.

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